Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only proven permanent method for removing unwanted hair. A licensed electrologist uses state of the art equipment and technology that destroys hair growth tissue and the ability of the hair follicle to regenerate. The number of treatments and range of time varies with each client, based on individual hair growth cycles and areas being treated. Complimentary consultations required before treatment.

15 min
30 min
60 min
90 min
120 min
15 min $20
30 min$35
60 min$65
90 min$95
120 min$125

Alexandria Sugar And Wax Hair Removal

We use only Alexandria Professionl products! Alexandria Professional® is the global authority of body sugaring. On the quest to perfect this unique hair removal system they created the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning® program – the most natural and universal regimen for your best skin!

We pride ourselves in educational mastery and our commitment to improving the skin’s overall integrity. At Sunjara, our sugaring specialists have received extensive training on education and technique through Alexandria’s education system. We strive to work with every client to resolve even the most sensitive skin concerns. Our heart is in maintaining healthy beautiful skin for life!

We realize sugar hair removal is not for everyone, so we also offer soft and hard wax hair removal.

Add-On Sugar
Sugar Back/Chest
Sugar Bikini
Sugar Brazilian
Sugar Brow
Sugar Chin
Sugar Full Arm
Sugar Full Face
Sugar Full Leg
Sugar Full Leg & Bikini
Sugar Half Leg
Sugar Lip
Sugar Partial Face
Sugar Underarm
Sugar Underarm Touch-up
Add-On Wax
Wax Bikini
Wax Brazilian
Wax Brow
Wax Chest/Back
Wax Chin
Wax Full Face
Wax Full Leg
Wax Half Leg
Wax Nose
Wax Underarm
Wax Upper Lip
Add-On Sugar $15
Sugar Back/Chest$60
Sugar Bikini$40
Sugar Brazilian$60
Sugar Brow$20
Sugar Chin$20
Sugar Full Arm$50
Sugar Full Face$40
Sugar Full Leg$60
Sugar Full Leg & Bikini$70
Sugar Half Leg$40
Sugar Lip$20
Sugar Partial Face$30
Sugar Underarm$40
Sugar Underarm Touch-up$25
Add-On Wax $15
Wax Bikini$40
Wax Brazilian$60
Wax Brow$20
Wax Chest/Back$60
Wax Chin$20
Wax Full Face$40
Wax Full Leg$60
Wax Half Leg$40
Wax Nose$18
Wax Underarm$40
Wax Upper Lip$20